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Sweet dreams are created daily by the Boston Bon Bon artisans. Contact us by phone at 203-243-0699 or email to discuss your event or custom design needs or to place an order for any flavors or quantities of cupcakes that you do not see online. Specialty toppers can include your photo or logo on an edible fondant cupcake topper! Please allow as much notice as possible so that decorators and bakers can handcraft your order with care.







All Boston Bon Bon cupcakes and cakes are baked, filled and frosted by hand! We do not use preservatives so we recommend enjoying your cupcakes as soon as possible. Cupcakes are best served at room temperature. We recommend cupcakes with whipped cream topping or pastry cream filling be refrigerated. If cupcakes will not be served immediately, varieties not containing a filling or whipped cream topping, may be placed in the freezer in an air tight container for up to one week. Please allow 3-4 hours for our cupcakes to defrost before serving. 

Our cupcake recipes do not call for nuts. However our cupcakes have not been tested for nut allergens and cannot be guaranteed nut-free. Similarly, the Boston Bon Bon Vegan cupcake recipe (available Mondays  and by special order) does not call for any animal products but has not been tested and cannot be guaranteed dairy or allergen free. Sweet offers gluten-free cupcakes from a dedicated gluten-free bakery. Packaged separately to avoid cross contamination, gluten-free cupcakes are sold by special order.



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